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1st Choice Pharmacy

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Welcome to 1st Choice Pharmacy where our vision is to customize and personalize each and every order to the customers needs. With over 20 years experience in the industry our Pharmasicts serve all types of individuals and facilities.

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About us 1st Choice Pharmacy a Pharmacy owned by Pharmacists

At 1st Choice Pharmacy you are our top priority and our Mission is to provide top quality service and compounding that other pharmacies simply can't handle. It has been our philosophy from day one that we are here to serve our customers

As always - "Free Delivery"

Pharmacy services Its our mission to provide great service

A-Z services

At 1st Choice pharmacy we offer personized service for prescriptions and compounding. Tayloring your prescription to meet your needs and the Doctors expectations.

Getting care

We offer free consultations on Hormone Replacement (Bio-Identical Hormone) Therapy, Pain Management creams, and Veterinary Medicine. We assist Physicians and Veterinarians in selecting the best treatment needed.

Staying healty

The challenges facing patients and Physicians in all aspects of Compounding and tailoring a therapy that meets the patient needs can be tough. We are here to be catalysts in ensuring the proper dosing, strength and usage of these medications are met.

Learning never stops

At 1st Choice Pharmacy we are always learning new things and applying the latest techniques to help you achieve the results you desire.

Why choose us

1st Choice Pharmacy services correctional and juvenile detention facilities acrosss the state of Florida. We service over 3,000 inmates across Florida and provide consulting services to each facility.

  • Electronic MAR/Correctek
  • Emergency Medication kits
  • Medication Carts
  • Formulary Management and implementation
  • On-Call services
  • Back up pharmacy local to each facility
  • Courier services Statewide
  • Several Packaging options to choose from
  • Low cost Management fees
  • Reduced expenses per-inmate/per-month
  • TB testing supplies